Pakistani Community Centre in Manchester, UK hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year. Some of the events and activities mentioned include:

  • Coffee Mornings: Coffee Mornings for Ladies and Gents.
  • Ramadan Spirit: This event celebrates the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which is a time of fasting, prayer, and reflection.
  • Taste of Pakistan: This event celebrates Pakistani culture and cuisine, offering attendees the opportunity to sample a variety of traditional dishes and learn more about Pakistani culture.
  • Conferences: The Pakistani Community Centre hosts conferences on a range of topics, providing a space for people to come together and learn from experts in their fields.
  • Wedding parties: The Centre offer event spaces for people to host wedding parties and other special events.
  • Aqiqa and Birthdays: Aqiqa is a traditional Islamic ceremony that is held to celebrate the birth of a child. The Pakistani Community Centre offers to host events to celebrate these occasions.
  • Management meetings: The Centre hosts meetings for management and other staff to discuss important issues and make decisions.
  • Luncheon Club: The Luncheon Club is a program specifically for seniors in the community to come together and enjoy a meal while engaging in discussions and activities.
  • Legal Surgery on immigration Family Law: The Centre offers legal clinics or surgeries on topics such as immigration and family law, providing a space for people to seek advice and guidance from legal experts.
  • MP/Councilors Surgery: The Centre host councilor surgeries or other events where local politicians, such as Members of Parliament (MPs) or councilors, can meet with members of the community to discuss issues and concerns.

Overall, it that the Pakistani Community Centre in Manchester, UK offers a diverse range of events and activities to serve the needs of the community. These events and activities provide opportunities for people to celebrate their culture, learn new things, socialize, and get involved in their community.

*Note: Some of our activities aimed are free. However on some services there is a charge in order to cover financial costs. The charges are applied for but not limited to premise hire, the luncheon clubs and some programs. For charges please contact.

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