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Our Activities

Community Centre Activities

General Services

The Pakistani Community Centre has maintained the services that we have always provided but has in fact strengthened the overall quality and the delivery of the service provision.

Community Restaurant

Pakistani Community Centre runs a Community restaurant where hot fresh meals are prepared allowing the public to enjoy good quality food at a reasonable price.

Community/ Social Programmes

  •     Ramadan Spirit
  •     Taste of Pakistan
  •     Conferences   
  •     Wedding parties
  •     Aqiqa, Birthdays
  •     Management meeting
  •     Luncheon Club
  •     Legal Surgery on immigration Family Law
  •     MP/Councilors Surgery       

Elderly Day Care Service

GMPA aims to  provide Day Care provision for elders who may be suffering from physical or sensory disabilities, have mental health needs, are socially isolated, or have other health issues.

Elders Luncheon Club

The Elders Luncheon Club is exclusiveley for the community elders meet to enjoy a meal and to discuss a wide variety of topics.

New members are welcome.

Fore more information please contact.


Guidance and information on community related matters

Pakistani Community Centre can provide guidance and information on community related matters

IQRA School Classes

For the young there are religious studies classes teaching the reading of the Holy Quaran in Arabic and the five pillars of Islam.

Fore more information please contact.


The Pakistani Community Centre believes strongly in building a cohesive society and is always actively involved in networking and realising the necessity and importance of working with local authorities both public and voluntary sector.

Pakistani Ladies Club

The ladies club meets to discuss social issues and interests and to share thoughts on a wide range of subjects.

New members are welcome.
Fore more information please contact.

Play Scheme

Play scheme for children during the school holidays.

New members are welcome.
Fore more information please contact.

Premise Hire

At Pakistani Community Centre, we aim to suit your needs, be it a conference, wedding, mendhi or brthday party.


  • Please contact us for booking prices and for the terms and conditions of hire.
  • Please contact us to check for the hall availability prior to making a booking.
  • A deposit is required in order to secure your booking and full payment for the booking is required 7 days in advance of the booking date.

How to Book:

Please visit the Pakistani Community Centre and fill the form in there.

Ramadan Spirit

Our goal is to provide fresh meals to the needy of the Longsight area and collect for local food banks.

This event is nothing without our volunteers. To Join as a volunteer please feel free to contact us.

Senior’s Reading Club

The club currently meets on a regular basis to share the common joy of reading. There are many reading resources that will make the visit to the Pakistani Community Centre exciting for senior citizens.

New members are welcome.

Fore more information please contact.


  • Badminton
  • Table tennis Five a side football
  • Karate

Fore more information please contact.

Taste of Pakistan

“Taste of Pakistan” is our signature Pakistan Independence Day celebration. Families may join us on this day to celebrate. It's a great day to spend with loved ones. With food and prizes for many. It is also the best opportunity for businesses to showcase their products/services.

  • Food Booths are available for £ 1500 and £ 150 Cleaning fee.
  • Non - Food Booths £300. Premium Booths £500.

IT Classes

The centre runs IT classes for beginners affording the community access to basic computer skills. These courses aim to cater for the needs of both absolute beginners and for those who would like to enhance their existing knowledge in IT. We have state of the art ICT equipment.


Lifelong Learning & Skills

Lifelong Learning & Skills Activities